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CFA Rescue & Adoptions

CFA offers a small, personable and adoption program.  Our rescued animals are housed at the CFA office and with foster homes until they are healthy and ready for adoption.  All CFA adoptable animals are spayed or neutered, fully vetted, up-to-date on vaccines, microchipped and treated for parasites.  Finding the perfect home and match takes time and personal attention!

Check It Out! 

Meet Aly. Aly is about three years old, spayed, and vaccinated. She loves flopping on her belly and using her scratching post. Ear rubs are also appreciated. What she's not so fond of are pesky kittens. Before CFA found her and spayed her she was a mother of six, and she is definitely done. Please drop by the office at 1414 State Ave NE, Olympia, WA 98506 or call 360-456-8176 if you would like to meet her. 

Wanted: A mellow home for a mellow guy. Prancer is an easygoing kitten (except where treats are concerned) who loves a good tummy rub. He enjoys snoozing and will look at you reproachfully if you stop petting him. Still a little shy, he's very affectionate once he gets to know you. To meet Prancer, please come by the office at 1414 State Ave NE or call 360-456-8176. 

Meet William. Playful and klutzy, he galumphs around the office and likes to roughhouse with the kittens. His signature move is to flop down on his side for a belly rub. He's shy until he gets to know you but can always be bribed with treats. To see William, please call 360-456-8176 or stop by the office at 1414 State Ave NE.

Say hello to Dasher aka Nibbler (it's how she lets you know when you're not paying her enough attention). She has lots of energy and is very fast--especially when treats are involved. If you walk away before she's done being petted, she will follow you. To meet her, please call 360-456-8176 or come by the office at 1414 State Ave NE, Olympia WA 98506. 

Blitzen is a fluffy mellow guy looking for his forever home. He enjoys playing with his mouse and his brother, Prancer. Likes include ear scratches, treats, and napping in front of the heating vent. He was originally feral, so it may take a little longer for him to trust you. But with patience and love, he'll learn to let you rub his belly and yowl for you to feed him in the mornings. To meet Blitzen, please call 360-456-8176. 

Cost of Adoption:  $100 cat 

The Life of a Cat

by Michael M. Middleton, who adopted Blackie in 2012

To live the life of a cat
would well be worth
the few years given.
A life of true freedom,
at peace with oneself,
is a life that’s worth the livin’!
To live each moment in wonder…
like a child
the world to see;
to simply play and to run
or lounge in the sun;
that seems like a good deal to me.