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CFA Rescue & Adoptions

CFA offers a small, personable rescue and adoption program.  Our rescued animals are housed at the CFA office and with board members until they are healthy and ready for adoption.  Finding the perfect home and match takes time and personal attention!  Currently, there are no animals available for adoption, however, keep checking this page or visit our Petfinder page at  CFA can provide a 'courtesy' posting for pet owners needing to place their animals in another home.

Have a Pet that Needs a New Home?

If you have a pet that needs a new home, you may email us at with your contact information, the pet information and a picture.  We would be glad to create a "courtesy posting" on CFA's Petfinder page.  You may also post a message on CFA's Facebook page as well.

You may download our adoption application, by clicking on CFA Adoption Application.

Thank you for your continued support and patience as we look towards the future to "help those who cannot help themselves."

PetSmart®, Petco and MudBay Adoption Day

Watch this page for upcoming dates and locations for adoption days! For more information about all our adoption animals waiting for a forever home, click on Petfinder.          

Cost of Adoption:  $75 cat | $100 dog

The Life of a Cat

by Michael M. Middleton, who adopted Blackie in 2012

To live the life of a cat
would well be worth
the few years given.
A life of true freedom,
at peace with oneself,
is a life that’s worth the livin’!
To live each moment in wonder…
like a child
the world to see;
to simply play and to run
or lounge in the sun;
that seems like a good deal to me.

CFA Helps Cat Left Behind During a Move

Hi, my name is Freya.  I am the cat that accidently got left behind outdoors at my old house when my sister and my family drove from Olympia to Oklahoma.  The neighbors and landlord tricked me into a metal cage to catch me cause I was hiding under the porch too scared to let them touch me.   I have decided that I do not want to be an outdoor cat again any time soon.

I am staying with JoAnne at the CFA "office" while I wait for my airplane ride on Saturday, July 6. The phone rings and rings at the CFA Office...making it hard for a cat to sleep.   My nerves are calming down and I am feeling better and more friendly to JoAnne.  She says today I go to Yelm Vet and get a check up, my health certificate and a Rabies vaccination so I can leave Washington. Then on Saturday, she will drive me to the cargo area at Sea-Tac airport and I will go on an airplane(?) to Denver then to my mom in Oklahoma. 

Wow, what a CRAZY 4 weeks I have had.   It is not bad here but I wish those big, brown things would stop barking and looking at me and JoAnne would start doing EVERYTHING I keep telling her to do!   I am not being treated like the Princess I am and somebody needs to let me out of this big metal room so I can go find a HUMAN bed to sleep on.  Oh well, better safe here than back outdoors under that porch.

Successful Adoption Stories

Four Socks: In December 2011, my cat Molly began to get sick, and, due to liver failure, I had to put her down in January 2012.  That was a very hard thing to do.  I wasn’t ready to get another cat right away, so I waited a few months.  Around late March or early April of 2012, I had been trying to find a female tuxedo kitten to adopt.  I tried all avenues I knew about, Craigslist, PetFinder, etc.  None of these options worked out for me.  I had contacted JoAnne from Concern for Animals the first part of April, and explained to her what I wanted.  She told me that she had a cat named Blackie who just had kittens and some were female tuxedo kittens.  She sent me photos via e-mail, and I fell in love with the one she had named 4 Socks. 

I went to meet her at the CFA house when the kittens were about 3-4 weeks old, and definitely knew that I wanted to adopt 4 Socks.  I brought her home on May 12, 2012, and have enjoyed having her ever since.  I re-named her Amelia.  She is such a beautiful cat, and very playful.  I found it interesting that she was born May 22nd, and my cat Molly, that I had lost in January, was born on March 23rd, just different years.  Amelia has some of the traits that Molly had, but she also has her own personality.  I am glad I was able to adopt Amelia, as she has been the perfect cat for me.  My other cat Mittens has adapted to her well. 

I am glad Concern for Animals is there to help the animals that need a home, and encourage everyone to support them in whatever manner you can, whether it be financial, time volunteering, or fostering animals until they get their forever home.  They are a great organization.  - Brenda Taylor