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Our Services

To promote the welfare of animals and keep families together, Concern for Animals (CFA) provides spay/neuter and medical care funding, pet food bank and rescue & adoption programs in the Thurston, Mason, and Lewis County area.

Low-Cost Spay & Neuter Procedures

Concern for Animals provides financial assistance to qualified pet owners that need to alter their pets yet cannot afford the cost.  Low-cost spay/neuter procedures are available at local veterinary offices recommended by Concern for Animals. Funding to fix feral cats and dogs provides relief to communities -  reducing unwanted litters, animal overpopulation and overcrowding of animal shelters. Proof of low income, military, student or retirement status is required before authorizing veterinarian services in Lewis, Mason and Thurston counties. Please contact (360) 456-8176 for more information about spay/neuter assistance.

Emergency Medical Care

Concern for Animals provides voucher assistance for emergency medical care.  Proof of low income, military, student or retirement status is required before authorizing veterinary services in Lewis, Mason and Thurston counties. Please contact (360) 456-8176 for more information regarding emergency medical care financial assistance.  Funding is not available for routine office visits, vaccines, rabies/feline leukemia testing, or pre-existing conditions.

Animal Food Bank

Concern for Animals offers a free, pet food bank for qualified pet owners.  Pet owners can call 360-456-8176 to request more information and make arrangements to pick up food on Monday afternoons at the food bank. CFA is a non-profit organization and our ability to fund the animal food bank is subject to generous donations from our community.  CFA has the right to decline food bank assistance based on pet owner's qualifications and supplies. We cannot guarantee pet food is available or that everyone qualifies.  In appropriate treatment to the CFA staff may result in termination of services. Thank you!   Click Here for our Food Bank Guidelines.

We are always seeking donations - dry and canned dog and cat food, cat litter, toys, treats, bedding, collars and leashes.  For locations to drop off donations, visit our Food Bank page.  You can also help by printing out our Food Bank Flyer and post on your office bulletin board! 

Rescue & Adoption

For more information on pet adoption, please click here.


If you wish to borrow a cat trap from CFA, please download the Cat Trap Rental Agreement, complete and return to CFA at or mail to 1414 State Ave NE, Olympia, WA 98506.

Discretionary Fund

Beginning 2014, Concern for Animals will be offering funding through our Discretionary Fund. This program assists those that have encountered financial struggle, but do not qualify for state assistance. A one-time opportunity to take advantage of our services will be offered- without proof of low-income status. If you are in need of pet food, have recently adopted an animal and need to have a spay/neuter procedure done, or have inquiries on what you may qualify for, please call (360) 456-8176. This program's availability is strictly based on donations and grant funding. It is only available once per client. This program does not fund routine exams, vaccines, rabies and feline leukemia testing, or pre-existing conditions. Qualification is not guaranteed.

Additional Procedures

Within the limitations of a set monthly budget, CFA follows these procedures:

  • If we can help, we will connect you with one of our veterinarians/service providers.
  • For all approved medical procedures, you pay a portion directly to the Veterinarian Clinic at your visit. The Veterinarian Clinic will bill us for our portion.
  • It’s as easy as that!


Our quarterly Tail Talk is available to everyone online! Download the Tail Talk newsletters to discover what's happening at CFA.

Spring 2015 
Winter 2015

Assisting Animals -2014 Stats

(Updated 06/24/2014)

Paid Procedures Year-to-Date

    Total   Year-to-Date
Spay/Neuter    924    $15,589.81
   239    $1,458.93
Medical Care    228    $4,273.92
TOTAL    1,391    $21,322.66

Food Bank Year-to-Date

Dog Food Cans    656
Dog Food Dry (lbs)    7,965
Cat Food Cans    891
Cat Food Dry (lbs)    1,612
Litter (bags)    70
Cats    432
Dogs    337
People    205

Rescue & Adoption Year-to-Date

Cats   15
Dogs   1

2013 Stats

Paid Procedures

Spay/Neuter    1,775   $32,299.89
   290   $3,121.66
Medical Care
   485   $15,733.75
TOTAL    2,550   $51,155.30

Food Bank

Dog Food Cans   1,791
Dog Food Dry (lbs)   18,634
Cat Food Cans   2,367
Cat Food Dry (lbs)   4,524
Litter (bags)
Cats   978
Dogs   746
People   533

Rescue & Adoption

Cats   10
Dogs   2