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Adoptable Cats

Concern for Animals offers a small, personable adoption program for cats. The cats available from us are rescues saved from life in feral colonies and unwanted strays. Our cats are housed at the CFA office and with foster homes until they are healthy and ready for adoption.

All CFA adoptable animals are spayed or neutered, fully vetted, up-to-date on vaccines, microchipped and treated for parasites.


You can see our adoption application here.

*Finding the perfect home and match takes time and personal attention. CFA does not facilitate same-day adoptions.


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Meet Miss Crabtree!

This lovely young lady came to us with a litter of her very own. The babies are finally weaned and this Mama is ready to find her forever home. She is 8 months old, cuddly, and curious. Miss Crabtree loves lounging on laps and has no problem letting you know that she would like some extra pets.


Miss Crabtree is looking for a home with no dogs, but could do well in a home with children who respect her boundaries or other cats that aren't too high-energy. Most of all, Miss Crabtree needs a forever home that will give her time to be a kitten, as she is still very young, loves to play, and is eager to bond!

If you would like to meet Miss Crabtree and apply for adoption, please call 360-456-8176 or fill out an adoption application and email it to

Meet Homer & Marge!

This too-cute twosome recently arrived to CFA and have quickly gained much adoration from staff, board members, and volunteers alike. They are about four months old and eager to learn everything about their surroundings. They are both comfortable around dogs and other cats, but can usually be found cuddling with each other. We would love to see these two get adopted together, but they would also be fine in individual homes.


Homer (blue collar) is a lover through and through. He will gladly accept all forms of pets and attention that you are willing to provide. He loves to chase after toys, find cozy spots to nap, and soak up the sun while sitting in the window.


Marge (red collar)  is curious and independent. Her favorite game is playing whack-a-paw under the door. She also enjoys playing with springs and feather toys.  When not cuddled up with Homer, Marge likes finding a cozy spot to snooze in.

If you would like to meet Homer & Marge and apply for adoption, please call 360-456-8176 or fill out an adoption application and email it to

Meet Spanky!

Spanky has cerebellar hypoplasia or, as many of us have come to know it, Wobbly Cat Syndrome. This means that Spanky is a bit uncoordinated and well... pretty darn wobbly! While there is no cure or treatment for cerebellar hypoplasia, Spanky is one cool dude and doing just fine. He loves to play, wrestle, and he adores finding cozy places to curl up for naps.

Special considerations for his care include wider food and water bowls and a litter box that he can easily get in and out of. Spanky would do well in a home of his own or in a home with another extremely friendly cat. He needs a family that will take his condition into consideration and give him the time and support to adapt to life as it comes. Spanky would be okay in a home with children given guidance on interacting with him.

*VCA Animal Hospitals: "Cerebellar hypoplasia is a developmental condition in which the cerebellum of the brain fails to develop properly. The cerebellum is the portion of the brain that controls fine motor skills, balance, and coordination. The condition is not painful or contagious." 

If you would like to meet Spanky and apply for adoption, please call 360-456-8176 or fill out an adoption application and email it to

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