Adoptable Cats

Concern for Animals offers a small, personable adoption program for cats. The cats available from us are rescues saved from life in feral colonies and unwanted strays. Our cats are housed at the CFA office and with foster homes until they are healthy and ready for adoption.

All CFA adoptable animals are spayed or neutered, fully vetted, up-to-date on vaccines, microchipped and treated for parasites.


You can see our adoption application here.

*Finding the perfect home and match takes time and personal attention. CFA does not facilitate same-day adoptions.


One-Eye Jack & Ace

These two playful kittens are a bonded pair that are full of energy and a need to be loved. They enjoy cuddling, climbing into laps and onto shoulders, sleeping on and next to people, and being pet. They like full body play like wrestling, belly pets, paw touches, and seek out human attention more often than not.

They are fans of treats, string toys, tunnel toys, scratching posts, and using the CFA exercise wheel. They are active kittens that eat both wet and dry food but are not picky.

One-Eye Jack & Ace would be a great fit for a family with children or for individuals that can dedicate plenty of time for interaction. As a bonded pair, One-Eye Jack & Ace are looking for a home together. One-Eye Jack is missing an eye due to an infection present when he was abandoned, the eye was removed and the site is healed.

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