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Feral Cat Services

CFA is dedicated to helping lower the density of feral cat colonies throughout Thurston, Mason, Lewis, and Grays Harbor counties. In an eight year period, one cat and her offspring have the ability to up the feral feline population by 2,072,514 cats. CFA addresses the problem at the root through a TNR program.

TNR (trap, neuter, return) is an effective approach that focuses on preventative spay/neuter procedures. Feral cats are trapped, sent to our veterinary partners at Northwest Spay Neuter Center for their spay/neuter procedure, and then returned to their community to live out the remainder of their lives. This humane solution stops the growth of feral cat colonies, reduces the spread of contagious cat diseases, and saves many cats from dying due to complications arising from difficult births.

Concern for Animals CFA Feral Cats Rescue TNR trap neuter release spay

To receive TNR vouchers, the feral cats must be trapped in Thurston, Mason, or Lewis counties.


CFA offers trap rental for $75 per trap ($70 is refundable with trap return).
Email for more information.


Concern for Animals CFA Feral Cats Rescue TNR trap neuter release spay

Dealing with a feral cat colony and need advice?

There are local groups who focus on the plight of feral cats that can give you more insight into what you should do. Alley Cat AlliesFeisty Felines & East County TNR are small but high volume non profits that specialize in feral cat TNR, rehabilitation, and adoption.

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