Animal welfare services in Thurston, Mason, and Lewis Counties helping those who cannot help themselves please call us today (360) 456-8176

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We Love Our Pets License Plates

Shop for animals with a "We Love Our Pets" license plate. Plates come either standard or personalized with cute pet characters designed by artist Brian Bassett. Twenty-eight dollars of your fee goes towards the Washington Federation of Animal Care and Control Agencies who use that money to offer spay/neuter grants. CFA received one of those grants and helped spay/neuter over 60 dogs with it. For cost information and to purchase, please visit the Washington State vehicle licensing offices.   To help spread the word about the plate, please download, print, and distribute the We Love Our Pets flyers.

Solid Rock Memorials and Gifts

Solid Rock Memorials and Gifts has teamed up with Concern for Animals to offer discounts and donations. If you make a purchase at with the CFA code (CFA185), you will get a 5% discount, and CFA will receive 10% of the proceeds. Solid Rock Memorials and Gifts sells hand engraved stones for every occasion, including some with pet slogans and graphics. Find a fun new decoration for your home or garden and help those who cannot help themselves. 

Finding a Lost Dog

If you have lost your dog or cat, contact this website  Similar to an "Amber Alert" for abducted children, has 3 options to help quickly get the word out about your lost pet.

First level: Lost & Found pet posting and flyers.  Free! 
Second Level: Telephone alert to your neighbors’ homes.  $59.95
Third Level: Combine both phone alert and mail packages.  $99.95

To review the options and choose the one best suited for you, click here.

When you combine phone and poster alert systems it produces the best possible results in any lost pet situation. Their system can notify the whole street or the whole town and the chances your pet will run into someone who has received a PetAmberAlert™ about your pet are over 78%.

Three levels: $39.95, $59.95, $99.95

For more information, visit

Operation Dog

Operation Dog Rescue (ODR), led by Vivian Dahlin,  specializes in the capture of “at-large,” lost, missing, abandoned dogs – dogs who are living on their own and going out of their way to avoid human contact.  This may be a lost dog with an owner, or a dog with no owner that is loose in a specific area.  ODR has a track record of successful dog captures that allows us to offer informed suggestions to owners [or a designated contact person], and implement well tested trapping methods that frequently result in the capture of even the most elusive dogs.  For more information contact Vivian at or 360. 580. 9927.  Or visit

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