Animal welfare services in Thurston, Mason, and Lewis Counties helping those who cannot help themselves please call us today (360) 456-8176

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Thank You - Donations - Memorials - Grants

CFA receives donations, thank-you cards, compliments and In Memory of donations throughout the year. We are grateful for all the individual donations received throughout the year to further our mission. Because of the volume, it’s almost impossible to list each donor here. You know who you are, and we are eternally grateful. Thank you for helping those who cannot help themselves! 


    Thank you to Alley Cat Allies for granting CFA $2,500 to go towards the partnered effort with the Chehalis Tribe Animal Control for trap/neuter/return. This grant will help promote and perform spay/neuter efforts on homeless, feral cats and kittens and prevent hundreds of potential unwanted litters from facing homelessness or euthanasia. 
  Dawkins Charitable Trust 
  The BISSELL Pet Foundation has awarded CFA a $6,000 grant for low-cost spay and neuter vouchers for cats and dogs owned by low-income families in Thurston, Mason and Lewis counties! This turn prevents unwanted litters, abandonment, and euthanasia. Thank you, BISSELL Pet Foundation!
  We are grateful to The Community Foundation of South Puget Sound for awarding CFA a $1,000 grant to purchase microchips for the adoption program and for inviting us to participate in Give Local, which raised even more. The adoption program helps vulnerable animals find their forever homes.
  Thank you to the Lazin Animal Foundation for granting CFA $10,000 for the medical care program. Your generosity saves animal's lives! 
  Thank you to The Albohn Family Foundation for awarding CFA a $10,000 grant to support our spay/neuter and medical programs. This Foundation was established by our founder, Ann Albohn, prior to her passing many years ago. Ann's legacy continues as we carry out her mission to help those who cannot help themselves.

Many thank to the Nisqually Indian Tribe for awarding CFA a $12,000 grant to renovate the basement. The basement was built in 1927 with bricks and no proper drainage. Your gift will help keep the pet food there safe and dry for years to come. 

  Thank you Rotary Club of South Puget Sound for your $500 spay/neuter grant. Not only does spaying/neutering reduce overpopulation, it also prevents health problems down the line. It decreases the chance of mammary tumors and testicular cancer and eliminates any problems giving birth. Your contribution will be a big help to this community's pets! 

Thank you to the Mary P. Dolciani Halloran Foundation for awarding CFA a grant for medical care for dogs with senior (over 60) owners. Many people calling for help are seniors. Oftentimes their pets are their only companions, so their welfare is very important to them!


Thank you to the Thurston county Humane Society for serving the community during the COVID-19 pandemic and providing a grant to the Concern for Animals Pet Food Bank to help provide for food to owners struggling with lost wages and jobs. In uncertain times, your support protects the welfare of many animals in need and provides a much needed pillar of support to those struggling owners




Ron Meyers & Associates PLLC

Bissell Partners for Pets and Lost Pets USA for your support!

Abbey Realty & Kobza Home Builders for donating $3,000 from each sale to CFA! If you are searching for or interested in building your dream home, be sure to check out Abbey Realty and Kobza Home Builders!



"Four years ago we adopted a little black lady cat named "Shadow" from your group. She has been a joy, loving, amazing, good in the house and a "wild child" outside. Thank you! Our best!" - Jan H.

"I want to thank you for assisting me financially for my kitten's surgery this week.  Pippa is home now and I am so relieved!  The polydachtyl toes no longer appear to be a problem for her. It is good to know there are animal-loving people like you." - Barbara B.


"I am donating $50 in my dog Hailey's memory.  She was a rescue at one year old.  She gave me and my sons 17 years!  She as Australian Shepherd/Heeler and the best dog I've ever owned.  May she rest in peace in doggie heaven." - Brenda R.

"Thank you so much in helping us get all 7 of our blessings neutered.  It wouldn't of been possible without you!" - Dorothy Lowers 10/12

"By the way..thank you for all you do. I know you at CFA are working really hard to raise funds for this organization to turn around and help animals in the community with those funds. I know many appreciate this group being here in Olympia."  - Amanda S. 3/19/12

"Thank you so much for the help you have provided to us. In this economy there is more than we can do to help, but every little bit helps." - Dr. John & Staff, Companion Animal Hospital

"I am thanked enough just to know it goes to a wonderful and needed cause." - Judi C.

"Thanks so much for Kitty Elsie.  We are getting along just great.  I LOVE my Elsie. She loves it here too." - Char F.


Donations made in loving memory of...

Anna Kohlenbeck

William, Peach, Mighty and Mickey - Y. A. Nims

Carol Welch - Alice L., Del H., Felix D. and Carol W.

Ann Mueller - Mollie W., Robert C., Karen P., Mike & Jonna H., Susan C., Janna C., Carolyn S., Robert & Glenna H. and Judith D.

Barbara Tomford and her unrelenting efforts on behalf of animals. - Nancy Y.

Gordon - Todd H.

Baxter Kitty - Bonnie S.

Cassi (Casserole) - Nancy F.

Patti Martin - Shellie O'Neal

Tigger - Mary B.

Pam - TwinStar Credit Union

Janet Hermsen

In the name of Rocky & Miss Kitty -BJ Matthews

In loving memory of your beloved puppies Cody and Jake, we will miss them. - With much love, Carole.

In loving memory of Debbie. - Mary Elizabeth & Jon Karpel

In memory of Debbie Charneski - Diane C. & Carolyn F. 

To honor memory of Debbie Charneski in appreciation of her faithful caring and work on behalf of animals. - Evelyn May

In memory of Debbie Charneski - Jeff G.

The Washington Federation of Animal Care and Control Agencies

WA Federation


  Grants from The Washington Federation of Animal and Control Agencies are made possible by the sale of Washington State "We Love Our Pets" license plates.  In an effort to be proactive regarding the pet overpopulation problem revenue from the sale of these license plates have been earmarked through an agreement with the State of Washington for actual spay/neuter surgeries for dog and cats in Washington state.  Since 2007 The Federation has awarded over $278,693 in license plate grant funds to qualifying animal welfare organizations throughout Washington State, enabling the completion of nearly 10,243 spay/neuter surgeries. To order your plates, please visit