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Oxbow Small Animal Welfare Program

Working with a network of over 35 veterinary clinics, Concern for Animals offers vouchers to help struggling owners of small animals (domestic species of small mammals, reptiles, birds, and amphibians) pay for non-routine and emergency medical costs for their pets.

To receive a voucher, owners must call and confirm they qualify. To qualify for one of CFA's Oxbow Small Animal Welfare Program vouchers, an owner must:

Reside in Thurston, Mason, Lewis or Grays Harbor County and

Receive State/Federal Benefits or

be a Senior, Full-Time Student, or Military E5 or Below

Be scheduled for care from one of our veterinary partners



At this time, CFA services for small animals are generously
funded by Oxbow Animal Health.

"Oxbow is on a passionate mission to grow happy customers, healthy pets, big love, and a better world. From daily enrichment and balanced nutrition, to sound education and a groundswell of good deeds, we do our very best to grow the good in the life you live with your pet. Our hope is that by supporting pet parents, veterinarians, retailers, rescues, volunteers and our employees with the products, knowledge, and partnership they need, we will be contributing to the lifelong welfare of small pets and the fellowship of humans who love them."

Cute Bunny

What does non-routine or emergency care mean?

Medical vouchers from CFA cannot be used for routine care like wellness check-ups. If your pet is acting strange, refusing food, has an open wound, has ingested a foreign object, is vomiting, or has fluid leaking from their eyes, ears, or mouth, is having trouble urinating, or any other symptom that is not normal, it is non-routine.

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What species can CFA give small animal medical vouchers for?

Currently CFA can provide vouchers for domestic types of small mammals, reptiles, birds, and amphibians. This includes pets like guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits, hamsters, budgies, parrots, cockatiel, lovebirds, bearded dragons, geckos, turtles, and more. At this time we do not provide vouchers for exotics/exotic hybrids or farm animals. Please call to see if your pet qualifies.

Green Parrot

Can CFA's vouchers cover the cost of aids or prescriptions?

At this time, CFA does not have the grant funding to help with the cost of aids or prescriptions. Check our Local Animal Organizations page and our Fundraise Your Vet Bill page to connect with other welfare orgs that may be able to help and get advice on securing funds. 

Vet Holding a Guinea Pig

Which local veterinary clinics accept CFA's vouchers?

CFA is proud to work with a network of over 35 veterinary clinics in our local community. You can see a full list of clinics we work with on the Our Veterinary Partners page. 

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