Youth Opportunities

Providing education and industry experiences to the next generation of animal welfare advocates is a fundamental part of CFA's work. Working with youth group leaders, teachers, teens, and parents, we've completed a variety of projects that have a long lasting impact for animals in the community. 

If you would like to work with CFA on a youth project, send an email to and let us know what you want to do!


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Food & Supply Drives

Hosting food and supply drives can be a great option for youth groups and families. Drives can be hosted by schools, neighborhoods, or take place outside of your favorite store. If you schedule a drive with our team, CFA can provide outreach materials, signage, tables, and may even be able to attend the event with your group! 

Custom Go-Kits/ Go-Kit Items

CFA provides Go-Kits to struggling owners navigating tough situations in life. These kits include all the basics that pet owners need to get by. Youth groups can coordinate with CFA to create full Go-Kits or handmade toys for Go-Kits. CFA believes that financial hurdles should not stop youth from participating in community service. We will help troops obtain enough materials for all members to participate. 

Informational Zines & Comics

If your group has an artistic flair, we would love to work with them to create informational zines and comics to spread animal welfare information. From explaining what declawing is to creating a toxic foods pamphlet, we think that your group could help spread important info that could improve the lives of animals. Let us know what kinds of subjects your team is interested in!

Green House Initiatives

CFA's annual Mother's Day Market Fundraiser happens every May. For youth and groups that have access to greenhouses, a long-term planting project could directly benefit the fundraiser. Blooms, vegetable and fruit plants, saplings, or floral arrangements can be donated to the event. Green House initiatives are a more involved project. Email us for more info!