Lost Pet Guide

When you can't find your pet it can be hard not to go straight into panic mode - we know, almost all of our team has been there at one point or another! So, we decided to make it as easy as possible to reunite with your pal. Follow the instructions below to maximize the likelihood that you'll find each other.

The most important thing you can do to prevent a lost pet is to make sure your pet is microchipped and that the microchip is up-to-date. If your pet is not microchipped, call us at (360) 456-8176 to get information on low-cost microchipping. It could save your pet's life.

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Contact Local Shelters

Contact your local shelter to see if your pet has been picked up.

Thurston: Joint Animal Services
Mason: Mason County Animal Shelter
Lewis: Lewis County Animal Shelter

Post On Pawboost & NextDoor

Get online and use these two websites to get your pet's information and photos in front of hundreds of your neighbors. 

PawBoost Lost and Found Pets


Distribute Flyers

Using current pictures and a description of your pet's personality, you can post flyers around your neighborhood and community asking for help locating your pet. Make sure to list out any notable features or nicknames and use an accurate contact number or email. If you need help with a poster, check out Canva's Lost Pet Poster Templates for an easy customizable format.

Put The Scent Out

Your pet's sense of smell is incredible and chances are if they went missing near home they're still close by. Consider putting your pet's food, a piece of bedding, a litter box, a heavily used toy, or another marker on your porch, patio, or windowsill, so your pet can catch a whiff and find their way home if they're in the neighborhood.

Check Outside At Night

It's possible that your furry friend has found their way up a tree on your property or in your neighborhood. Take a flashlight, or use the flashlight on your cell phone, and check trees, bushes, and under sheds to see if your pal has gotten stuck. The light will oftentimes reflect in their eyes, allowing you to see where they are. If your pet is stuck in a tree, try reaching out to Canopy Cat Rescue for assistance.