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Concern for Animals is growing to help more Western Washington pet owners! To accommodate the growth, we must move into an office with more space so we can add more volunteers to our team. We need to raise about $650,000 - $700,000 for a space that is right to accommodate all four counties we will be serving by 2024. Learn more below!

For the past 43 years, the heart of Concern for Animals’ core mission is the drive to keep families together – to keep people with the animals that offer them joy, love, protection, and comfort. And to keep animals with the people that cherish and care for them. These are our friends, loved ones, and neighbors that may be facing struggles we don’t even know about. These services help pets we know, pets we say hello to on their walks – and for some, pets that have been our community members' only source of comfort over the last three, isolating years. CFA currently offers services to a combined population of nearly 450,000 people who reside in Thurston, Lewis, and Mason Counties. Our services help hundreds of people and their pets stay together in situations where they may otherwise be forced to abandon or relinquish them.

In 2023, thanks to a generous donor, we have been given an amazing opportunity to offer these services to another 76,000 people in the community, as we bring Grays Harbor County into our service area. In order to expand and offer our life-saving programs, we need your help. This donor has provided a small starting fund that will allow us to step into this specific under-served area. However, with an expansion of this size, we must structurally grow to order maintain the sustainability of our services and programs.

CFA New Van

The beginning of this growth has already started. At the end of March, Concern for Animals purchased a new van to enable mobile pop-up pet food bank days in rotating towns throughout Mason, Lewis, outer Thurston, and Grays Harbor Counties. These mobile pet food bank days will begin this summer and will bring food and supplies to hundreds of pets across four Western Washington counties. Over the last two years, we have seen an astounding increase in those needing assistance with food – the number of clients growing by close to 150%. As we expand to Grays Harbor County, a community with few resources and many animals, we expect that number to double.

In order to assist hundreds of people with not only food and supplies but with life-saving veterinary care vouchers – calls for which have increased astronomically, Concern for Animals has also begun the search for a new base of operation. This is where we need your help.

The Concern for Animals office has been a recognizable feature of downtown Olympia for more than a decade, with renovations finished in 2013. This office has enabled us to help thousands of people and pets over the last ten years. It has given us a space to hand out hundreds of thousands of pounds of food and has been home to hundreds of kittens that have gone on to find loving forever homes. We are so grateful for all this office has given us, and for the people and businesses that helped us get and renovate this building. It has allowed us to serve the communities of Western Washington dutifully for over a decade.

With the support of strong animal welfare advocates like you, Concern for Animals has grown to offer more to the community than this well-loved office can handle. To make our expansion into Grays Harbor County possible, and to handle the continually increasing needs of the three counties we already serve, we must move to a location with more space. A larger space will allow us to bring more volunteers on-site to handle an increased volume of calls and requests for help. Without this move, we risk our ability to respond to the needs of the community reliably and quickly.

Service Area

This is where we need your help.

As we begin to provide these vital services to underserved communities extending to the coast, we are depending on the stability, strength, and altruism of you, our supporters, to help us. We are currently working with realtors to find a central location that is large enough to accommodate our needs. We estimate that we will need around $650 - $700,000 for a space that is right to accommodate all four counties we will be serving by 2024.

We are asking for your help to fund this move to a new office. We will be actively seeking grants and donations to help enable this move, but since Concern for Animals founding in 1980 the backbone of our operation has been supported by you - individuals who stand by our mission and have a passion for helping your neighbors

Capital Campaign Thermometer.png

There are a few ways you can donate and contribute to support our growth into Grays Harbor County:

· PayPal

· Check or cash mailed or dropped off at the office
(1414 State Ave. NE Olympia, WA 98506)

· Payment over the phone via credit card (360-456-8176 x6)

When making a contribution, please make sure to notate that it is for our move, so it will be placed in the right fund. Throughout the year we will be sharing updates on our website and social media pages about our search for the perfect location, and what our funding level is for the move.

We have been able to do so much good with the space we have had – and because of that, we have seen the need in our neighboring community. After 43 years, Concern for Animals is happy to be of service to more of Western Washington, and we are excited to help hundreds of people and pets access care and resources that will change their lives. Whatever you are able to contribute, please help us to care for and save more of our neighbors in need.

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